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XPEDITION Series 4: Hawaii

Photo collage: Ocean & River Cruise

Welcome to Xpedition!

Series 4 is a 10-week course where you will take an in-depth look at selling the Hawaiian Islands with an emphasis on sales and social media marketing. With courses and assignments focus on the hotels, cities and islands of Hawaii this series is an excellent educational tool for any agent looking to sell this destination. Aside from the core focus of our destination, series 4 also presents agents with sales training and weekly social media assignments. This 10 week course will focus each week on supplier training with specialist series and exclusive webinars. Agents will have excursion research as well as destination training each week. Xpedition 4 will offer extensive social media training. As social media becomes a core marketing tool for agents this series will prepare and educate new agents on using Facebook, Instagram, blogs and Pinterest. All agents taking this series will be required to use and create accounts for the social media assignments This course is meant for newer travel professionals. The cost is $150. If you are interested, please contact Amber Zakem - amber.zakem@mvptravel.com for details.

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Course Info

Level: Beginner
Teaching Method: Lectures
Assignments: Yes
Interactive: Yes
Credentials: Certificate
Duration: 10 weeks